Amendment To Shareholders Agreement

(h) any law that is defined or mentioned, or in an agreement or instrument to which it is referred, such a law or law that is amended, amended or supplemented from time to time, including by the succession of laws that will succeed it, and all the rules and provisions adopted under those statutes; (vi) the conclusion of a contract, agreement, agreement or similar agreement on one of the previous subsections (i) – v). Approval of an annual business plan or a substantial modification or modification of these plans; and (c) each shareholder must choose all shares for which that shareholder is the registered shareholder or for which that partner has the opportunity, by other means, to control or direct the vote on those shares at such a shareholder meeting, or to make a written decision on all shares for which that shareholder is the registered holder or for which the shareholder has the opportunity to do so otherwise to control or direct the rights. vote. , in favour of a resolution, to obtain any transfer in accordance with Article III and to prohibit any transfer that is not in accordance with this Article III. Shareholders encourage board members to vote in accordance with This Article III. In addition to any other type of delivery authorized by the Memorandum and Statutes, each shareholder accepts the service and notification, by e-mail, of communications through a FoundryCo general meeting at the address and the terms set out in Section 8.02 for that part. Notwithstanding the contrary provision of this agreement, any shareholder may revoke that consent or change the applicable email address for such shareholder notifications at any time after written notification to FoundryCo, without any other party authorizing it. (c) All disputes that are not resolved within 30 days of receipt of the notice of dispute are settled definitively and exclusively through arbitration proceedings, in accordance with the rules of the London Court of International Arbitration (“LCIA”), as amended by this section 8.10. , with the preservation of Article 6 of these rules and the selection of arbitrators, regardless of nationality. The seat or arbitration tribunal is London, England. The language of arbitration is English. The number of referees is three (3). Each party appoints an arbitrator and the two arbitrators appointed by the parties agree and appoint, within thirty (30) days of the appointment of the second arbitrator, a third arbitrator who will be president of the tribunal (as defined in the rules of the ACIA).

In the absence of an agreement within 30 years, Discovery or Oyster (a) may extend the time limit for the performance of one of the other party`s undertakings or other acts, (b) refrain from any inaccuracies in the assurances and guarantees contained in that party or in the documents provided by the other party, or (c) waive compliance with one of the other party`s agreements or the conditions relating to the other party`s obligations. Such an extension or exemption is only valid if it is established in a document signed in writing by the contracting party, in order to be bound to it.