Pilot Services Agreement

The terms used for the initial capitalization in this agreement and the timetables attached to them have the following meanings. The terms used for the first capitalization in this agreement and the timetables attached to it, but not defined below, have, as long as they are defined in Appendix A of the ISO tariff, the meanings that are set out in it. The singular must contain the plural and vice versa. “Include” or “include” means “included, but restricted.” References to a section, article or calendar are a section, article or list of this agreement, unless another agreement or other instrument is established. Unless otherwise in context, references to a statute are considered references to a statute that is amended, replaced or renewed from time to time. If the context does not require anything else, any reference to a “person” includes a natural, a partnership, a company, a corporation, a corporation, a trust company, an association, an organization or another entity, in any event, whether or not it has an agreement distinct CE PILOTE (this “agreement”) dated October 1, 2014, but which takes effect on the day the loan below is issued( , through and between the MURRAY DEVELOPPEMENT AUTHORITY, a development authority and the public body, duly adopted by the Development Authorities Act, O.G.C.A. No. 36-62-1, and seq. (the “Law”), TDG OPERATIONS, LLC, a limited liability company in Georgia (the “company”) and MURRAY COUNTY, GEORGIA (the “county”), a county in the state of Georgia (the issuer, the company and the county, each a “party” or collective, the “parties”). The Board of Tax ASSESSORS OF MURRAY COUNTY (the Board of Assessors) and the TAX COMMISSIONER OF MURRAY COUNTY (the “Tax Commissioner”) each recognize this agreement in order to confirm their respective agreements on the provisions applicable to them, but they are not considered contracting parties. The licensee is committed to participating in a pilot project to test the feasibility of online access to magazines on the Wiley Online Library in pre-defined databases. This pilot agreement (this “agreement” or “pilot agreement”) is dated February 15, 2016 and is concluded by and between the development authority of BULLOCH County, a public and political body established and exists under the Constitution and laws of the State of Georgia (the “Authority”) and ASPEN AEROGELS, INC., Delaware corporation (company), to prove its agreements as the parties concerned.

Bulloch County, GEORGIA (the “Landkreis”), the City of Statesboro, Georgia (the “City”) and the Board of Tax ASSESSORS OF BULLOCH County (the Board of Assessors) each recognize this agreement in order to recognize their consent to the provisions applicable to them.