Term Of Franchise Agreement Planet Fitness

Business PLANET FITNESS® Are fitness training facilities that offer free fitness equipment and weights, fitness training services, tanning services, related services and auxiliary equipment. They offer PLANET FITNESS franchises for sale for new sites and for existing fitness facilities that want to transform into a PLANET FITNESS. With the exception of signage, Planet Fitness does not require a substantial transformation during the duration of the franchise agreement every 5 years. Planet Fitness determines the amount of pre-sale/Grand Opening Marketing Expense and the length and start date of the pre-sale/Grand Opening Marketing period based on the location of the world`s fitness business, demographics and other factors. The amount of your down payment for the equipment financed as well as the purchase price of the equipment (if you decide not to finance it) may vary depending on the size of your site and your financing conditions. If you are looking for information on the estimated initial investment for a global fitness franchise, look at this ticket: Franchise Fee: Detailed Estimate of the Costs of the Planet Fitness Franchise You only pay these fees if you wish to renew your franchise and Planet Fitness agrees to grant an estate franchise That costs about 1,000,000 to 4,000,000 $US to open a planet fitness franchise. Among the main variable variables include whether you buy or finance equipment and leasing improvements. Training Overview: Franchisees and/or their responsible licensed owner or operator, as well as all managers of their Planet Fitness business who have not yet completed the initial training program, must successfully complete the initial training program. Initial training consists of both training and practical training covering all facets of operations, including aircraft operation and maintenance, cost control, inventory control and basic management techniques.

The franchisor will carry out the initial training of franchisees in two specific phases: the orientation of the owners and the pre-sale and operating training. The franchisor may require franchisees or their employees to participate in additional training during the franchise agreement, whether provided by the franchisor or by a third-party vendor appointed by the franchisor. The franchisor believes that the additional training required will not exceed two individuals who, during the duration of the franchise agreement, complete more than two five-day refresher courses per calendar year, but may require franchisees to participate in more training or franchise meetings if they deem them reasonably necessary. Contact us to unlock your franchise page to add content and get leads! Investment The total investment required to start operating a single PLANET FITNESS facility® ranges from $1,084,600 to $3,154,000 if you finance your equipment. These include US$52,000 to US$291,000 to be paid to the franchisor or its subsidiary.