What Agreement Did Jim Make With Silver

The character is also revealed in this last part of the novel. Jim faces Silver and is pleased to have hidden the ship (and, he says, for killing both hands and O`Brien, while it was hands that killed O`Brien), but he cries when Livesey reminds him how wrong it was to leave the stockade when Captain Smollett was powerless to stop him. Livesey becomes a little more human for the reader when he pushes Jim to climb the fence and run during their private conversation – and also, if he warns Silver, look for trouble when they get to the Treasury and he will say he will do what he can best, without perjuring himself when they arrive in England. Trelawney shows his essentially honorable nature when he insults money, but says (because he gave his word to Livesey) that he will not follow him, although he seems pretty certain that Smollett, “rigid man” that he is, has not made such promises. Jim Hawkins is in the 2002 Disney animated film Treasure Planet, a sci-fi adaptation of Treasure Island. The film`s prologue shows Jim at the age of five (spoken by Austin Majors) reading a book of fairy tales in bed. Jim is bewitched by the stories of the legendary pirate Captain Flint and his ability to get out of nowhere, invade passing ships and disappear to hide the loot from the mysterious “treasure planet.” Twelve years later, Jim (now talked about Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has become a detached and alienated teenager, who helps his mother Sarah run an inn and enjoys “solar surfing” (a hybrid of surfing and windsurfing on a board attached to a solar-powered rocket), a hobby that often puts him in trouble with the police. One day, a spaceship will crash near the inn. Dying pilot Billy Bones gives Jim a bullet and tells him to beware of the cyborg. Soon after, a gang of pirates attacks and burns the hostel. Jim, his mother and their friend Dr.

Delbert Doppler do not escape. The sphere turns out to be a holographic projector showing a map that Jim recognizes, leading to Treasure Planet. The next day, Silver and Jim`s furious pirates intervene, but Ben Gunn, Dr. Livesey and his men rob the pirates, kill two and disperse the rest. Silver hands over to Dr. Livesey and promises to return to duty. They`re going to Ben Gunn`s cave house, where Gunn`s been hiding the treasure for a few months. The treasure is shared. One night, Silver leaves the ship with a few bags of gold.