Cancun Agreements Pdf

114 See general legal considerations on a possible gap between the first and subsequent commitment periods, note by the Secretariat, FCCC/KP/AWG/2010/2010/10 (20 July 2010). 65 Cf. letter from South Africa of 29 January 2010, all letters from States relating to the 2009 Copenhagen Accord are available at . 22 Cf. z.B. Presentation of India, mechanisms under art. 6, 12 and 17 of the Kyoto Protocol, additional submissions by parties, FCCC/SB/2000/MISC.4/Add.2/Rev.1 (14 September 2000) 42-43. 66 Cf.

for example. B List of participants, part 1-3, FCCC/CP/2010/INF.1 (part 1-3) (10 December 2010). 51 Decision 1/CP.1, The Berlin Mandate, in the report of the Conference of the Parties on its first session, FCCC/CP/1995/7/Add.1 (6 June 1995). 96 At the time of the last census, of the 153 non-Annex I Contracting Parties, 140 had submitted their first national communications, 40 their second national communications and a handful their third and fourth national communications. Information and the full text of national communications are available under 106. 40 and 60, LCA Outcome Decision. National communications from Contracting Parties fall within the mandate of the SBI. See art. 10, UNFCCC. Contact us if you have trouble logging in. .

149 The President is empowered to “proclaim” decisions that she will not interpret or does not take and will remain under the supervision of the COP in the exercise of her functions. Rule 23, draft rules of procedure as applied (No. 138). 146 Fils, LB, “United National Decision-Making: Confrontation or Consensus?” (1974) 1 Harv Int`l LJ 438Google Scholar. 104 The reference to `SB` in the document number in Article 36 of the ACF Outcome Decision and paragraph 3 of the Kyoto Outcome Decision suggests that these documents be discussed in the subsidiary bodies. At least part of this task falls under the SBI. See Art 9 and 10, UNFCCC. 144 The `consensus minus one` rule applied so far is intended to exclude a party that fails to comply with its obligations. To see.

B Prague document on the development of the institutions and structures of the Commission for Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE), 2nd Csce Council, Prague, 30-31 January 1992 (with the decision that, in the event of a “clear, gross and unrectified breach” of the CSCE`s obligations, decisions may be taken by a State without the agreement of the State concerned). Presentation by the United States of America, Ideas and Proposals on elements of the Bali Action Plan, Views of Contracting Parties, Addendum, Part II, in FCCC/AWGLCA/2008/MISC.5/Add.2 (Part II) (10 December 2008) to 71 (indicating that at least some developing countries (such as large emitters and emerging countries) should take the same types of mitigation measures as industrialized countries”).