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This article discusses the selected clauses of the Polish and English copyright agreements. The analysis covers both treaty clauses and those specific to copyright. In addition, it should be emphasized that the issue of copyright is global in nature. Google Translate is an example of the rapid development of technological devices such as translation tools. In the field of private law, we usually find counter-contracts within the framework of convenios, the voluntary agreement for the creation and transfer of obligations and rights. On the other hand, these rights and obligations are not only created and transferred by a convenio, but also modified or dissolved. As a general rule, the subject matter of the publishing contract is a work, that is, a manifestation of a creative activity of an individual nature established in one way or another. It can be of another form or of another species. In publishing contracts, it can be all kinds of book publications, but also multimedia material that is attached to books (e.B. music, graphics, photographs).

It is extremely important that the words associated with the term “work” vary in terminology. Although the “work” itself is identical in both linguistic variants (British and American) (cf. [11, 12]), all its subdivisions and distinctions into other categories will be significantly different. For example, “photographic works” in British “photography” (belongs to artistic works; [2]), while in America it is a “work of art” (i.e. Drawing, painting, sculpture appearing in a copy [10], these works do not contain posters, maps, paintings, diagrams, etc.), in some cases we can find “photographs”, because if they are photos taken for the exhibition, they could be included in works of art [10]. In legal English, based on copyright and related rights, the word work means “dzieło” / “utwór”, and in colloquial language it is “praca” or “pracować” (physical labor). McGuire, No. 2018. How accurate is Google Translate in 2018? Argo translation. www.argotrans.com/blog/accurate-google-translate-2018. Retrieved 8 July 2019.

The aim of the study was to try to assess the impact of machine translation systems on the translation process, with a particular focus on translation errors and other language problems. As examples of technical texts characterized by technical terminology, three typical clauses of contracts have been chosen as general clauses and three clauses typical of copyright agreements […].